Cedar Rapids Knee Pain Assessment

Knee Pain

Cedar Rapids Knee Pain Assessment

Here are some quick knee pain stats for you:

  • Frequent knee pain affects up to 25% of adults
  • Knee pain limits function
  • Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of knee pain for those over 50
  • Knee replacements are on the rise in the aforementioned patient population
  • In the FOA Study, there was an increase in symptomatic osteoarthritis but no increase in radiographic osteoarthritis

Did you catch that last line?

There was an increase in symptomatic osteoarthritis, yet there was no increase in radiographic findings! A patient’s pain goes up, but the findings don’t change on an image? What’s going on?

Look back up at the second fact. Knee pain limits function which means limits flexibility, causes weakness, and pain.

Muscle adhesion is also very common. It limits flexibility, causes weakness, pain, and can speed up degeneration. Adhesion has also been found in patients with chronic pain more so than acute pain.

Adhesion also doesn’t show up on images.

Remember earlier with knee pain how there is increased pain without increased changes on imaging?

It stands to reason that adhesion can be behind a majority of knee pain.

What we find in our office, is that adhesion is often at the root of chronic knee pain that has failed multiple providers or therapies.

How do you know if you have adhesion causing knee pain?

Watch the video above and take the test. Let us know how you do.