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Hip impingement test

Hip Pain

Hip impingement test

Many people are told they have “tight hip flexors” or have hip impingement. Often times these people have pain in the bottom of the squat. Most of these patients often have trouble trying to find relief from this pain.

Getting the right diagnosis for this problem is essential to finding the relief you desire. The video above will help you find answers. Skip ahead and watch if you would like – keep reading for some more information on fixing this problem.

People are told that pain in the bottom of the squat are from tight hip flexors…nothing could be further from the truth!

In order for something to be tight, it has to prevent the muscle from lengthening. At the bottom of the squat, the hip flexors (more specifically the iliopsoas – a muscle composed of the iliacus and psoas muscle) attach to the front of the spine and the lesser trochanter of the femur. At the bottom of the squat, this muscle is shortened. It cannot block hip flexion!

Here is a brief list of what can block hip flexion and cause a “pinch” in the front of the hip during squats or hip flexion:

  • Adductor muscle group
  • Posterior hip capsule
  • FAI (cam/pincer)
  • Labrum (tear/degeneration)

Those are by far the most common reason for a pinch in the front of the hip with hip flexion.

The hip flexors will not be found on this list!

The hip flexors cannot block hip flexion!

If you are reading this and been told that tight hip flexors are your problem, watch the video above and take the test.

  1. How did you do?
  2. Were you able to bring your knee to your chest without pain?
  3. Was it limited or painful? Did it recreate your problem?

If it did, there is a good chance we can help your problem!  We have helped thousands in a similar position.

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